martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Drawing Pictures With A Character Game

Cleans Up Game

Animals In The World Game

Exploration Earth Game

Vegetable Planting Game

Socks In Space Game

The Best Love Video

The Sun Song

The Planets Song

The Solar System Video

Bird And Bee Storytelling.

Peace At Last Storytelling.

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Children food habbits video

Parts of a house Song

Family Vocabulary Game

Crayons colours game

Bedroom labelling game

Playground labelling game

Nutrition food game

Food Groups Game

Food Game

Animals Types by Eating Habits Video

Parts of a plant video

Growing plants game

The Jungle Book Poster ( Haz Teatring )

 On Friday 11th January, the first cycle students are going to go to watch a play called "The Jungle Book " at The Batel Auditorium.We are very excited because it´s the first time we go to this place and we love storytelling!!
We have learn about the story and the main characters of the Jungle Book , and we have sung some of the songs taht we are going to listen at  the theatre.So we are ready to understand the story in english without any comprehension problem.Have Fun!!!!