miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011


    Welcome to my English blog !I am really excited with the new and fantastic opportunity of being an English teacher in a  bilingual school.Let´s travel all together in this trip ! Yes , we can!!!!!!
    In this blog you will find different resources to practice and improve your English level.
    There is a classification in order you can find those things you are interested in such as : games , songs , videos , films  , flashcards , worksheets .... and lots of activities that will be upload every week.It is able to find the contents according to topics : animals , plants , food... So you can find activities related to English or Science subjects.
   I use this blog as a resource in my English lessons in order to review , reinforce , extend  contents and even  motivate my pupils in class.
    This blog can be used for children or parents , and of course for teachers because the main aim is to put in contact young and older people with English in a very funny and enjoyable way.
  So don´t waste more time reading this message and get into the blog to have fun with English.

  Good luck ! And thank you for using this blog !
                                Encarna Mendoza Meroño.